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S. # Name of Incentive Type of Incentive Agency Ministry Sector Sub Sector
31 Ten percent sales tax on Multimedia projectors GST Incentive Electronics
32 Seven percent sales tax on following machinery for poultry sector : (i) Machinery for preparing feeding stuff (ii) Incubators, brooders and other poultry equipment (iii) Insulated sandwich panels (iv) Poultry sheds (v) Evaporative air cooling system (vi) GST Incentive Agriculture
33 Five percent sales tax for Phosphoric acid If imported by fertilizer company for manufacturing of DAP GST Incentive Fertilizers
34 Five percent sales tax for Natural Gas If supplied to fertilizer plants for use as feed stock in manufacturing of fertilizer GST Incentive Fertilizers
35 Five percent sales tax for: 1. Set top boxes for gaining access to internet 2. TV broadcast transmitter 3. Reception apparatus for receiving satellite signals of a kind used with TV (satellite dish receivers) 4. Other set top boxes GST Incentive Telecommunications
36 Reduction in sales tax for post-harvest handling and processing & miscellaneous machinery GST Incentive Agriculture
37 Reduction in sales tax for harvesting, threshing and storage equipment GST Incentive Agriculture
38 Reduction in sales tax of irrigation, drainage and agro-chemical application equipment GST Incentive Agriculture
39 Reduction in sales tax for seeding or planting equipment: GST Incentive Agriculture
40 Reduction in sales tax tillage and seed bed preparation equipment GST Incentive Agriculture